Alpine Garden Society

Ulster Group

Plant of the Month, September  2017
 Campanula tommasiniana - by William McKelvey

Campanula tommasiniana is a member of the Campanulaceae family and comes from Mala Učka (Istria Peninsula), Croatia in rocky beech woods. Its local name is Učkarski zvončić, which translates as Učka bellflower. 

A compact, clump-forming, deciduous perennial with narrow serrate lanceolate shaped dark green leaves with erect leafy stems 10-15cm in length bearing nodding, narrow bell-shaped, light blue flowers 2cm long in summer. 

It is named for Muzio Tommasini, from Trieste, botanist and politician, after whom Crocus tommasinianus also takes its name.

Grows in full sun or partial shade in a moist well drained gritty alkaline to nutria soil. Suits a scree bed, trough or alpine house in loam-based potting compost (JI No.1) with plenty of grit added. Propagation by seed in pots placed in an open cold frame in autumn. Take cuttings of new growth in early spring or summer.
Pests: vine weevil may be a problem under glass. Vulnerable to slugs and snails
Our plant is growing in tufa in a trough in a semi shaded part of the garden.