Alpine Garden Society

Ulster Group

            Plant of the Month, May 2013
Crocus 'Brian Duncan' - by Liam McCaughey
This pan of Crocus 'Brian Duncan' was shown at the Cleveland AGS Show by George Young as part of his 3 pan bulbous plants, and appears in the on-line show report - ( the picture is reproduced here by permission of Robert Rolfe.)

Janis Ruksans describes in his book 'Buried Treasures', how this was one of three beautiful hybrids which he found in his first garden where C. heuffelianus grew for years - a natural cross between the latter and C. x cultorum. In terms of flower size and abundance of flowering they most closely resembled C. x cultorum, but in colour and corm shape looked more like C. heuffelianus.

He named the hybrid for his friend and our member, Brian Duncan, the distinguished Omagh daffodil breeder.


Crocus heuffelianus itself is widespread in the mountains of eastern Europe, preferring moist compost, and this late-flowering offspring similarly prefers a cool, relatively damp summer.